About Emma

British born and based designer and maker, Emma Aitchison designs bold stylish pieces with a fresh experimental vision of what handcrafted jewellery can be. Emma creates individual stylish pieces to be worn day to day, inspired by the weather, unlocking the beauty observes, celebrating and capturing fleeting moments. Using jewellery as a platform, Emma aims to promote climate change and changing weather patterns. Each collection has a different theme and therefore a different message. All Emma’s jewellery is handmade in her East London studio.

About our products

Combining both traditional and modern techniques to achieve our signature style, passionate about experimenting, exploring different mediums and processes. We find beauty within flaws and always strive to discover something new within our work. Due to the making process each item remains individual and unique.
We are a conscious brand using sustainable methods of working and sourcing sustainable materials where possible. Find out more about our ethos on our Sustainability page.

“Creativity is contageous- pass it on”
Albert Einstein

Emma Aitchison - Jewellery and Accessory Designer