Autumn styling: It's a family affair!

The arrival of my gorgeous newborn Leo expectedly triggered a fresh new rhythm for me, my family, and my business.

I would usually launch a new jewellery collection at this time of year, but understandably, this year is a little different. 

So, with furiously working to design and make new items off the cards, I've started feeling more reflective. With that came a will to celebrate and revisit some of my all time favourites.

In these pictures, I present my gorgeous family.

I've roped in my Mum, Pippa and my sister, Lucy to model some of their favourite pieces for autumn and winter.

First of all, here's a photo of Leo and I! I'm wearing the Reflection Earrings and Nimbostratus Bangle, both in a glowing and golden brass. I love these bold pieces, and find strength in wearing them. 

I love this photo of my Mum! What a goddess! She's wearing the Sunshower Earrings and Rainstorm Necklace in 100% recycled silver. A chunky and complementary pairing of pieces. 
My sister, Lucy, looks utterly divine in the Streaming Windows Earrings that dance playfully in the October light. 
The Puddle Earrings in brass add a pool of charm to any outfit. I love the combination of a big chunky scarf alongside the warmth of the brass metal. 
Mum and Lucy also like laying chains over knitwear. Lucy is wearing the Rainstorm Necklace in brass, whilst Mum has opted for The Fall Necklace in silver.
With so much love and adoration for my family, thank you for your help!