Green Friday Sale

Welcome to our Green Friday Sale!

My initial reflex was to avoid selling this weekend altogether. 

For many, including myself, Black Friday is a symbol of chaotic overconsumption and not something that sits well with our own values. 

I design and create jewellery with principles of circularity and as little waste as possible. My hope is that my jewellery is worn for a lifetime, and then passed along.

We don't overproduce, in fact, the majority of our jewellery is made to order. We are far from the mega-brands that have piles of stock to flog this weekend. 

Contrary to this, we will be offering up to 40% on selected jewellery this weekend.

I believe it's important to bring a responsible option to the table. That's why I started my brand in the first place. I hope that you might buy a little treat for yourself if you fancy spending or a gift for someone else ahead of Christmas.

We also know our jewellery is fairly priced to its worth, creating truly sustainable and luxury jewellery doesn't come cheap! But we also hope that this sale might make our prices more financially accessible to more people too - if only for a short period of time.

I hope you enjoy shopping our Green Friday Sale which runs from 9am on Friday 26th until midnight on Tuesday 30th.

Click here to shop the sale!