Promoting Awareness


Inspired by the forms of the ever changing weather- Emma display’s how we are effecting the environment through some of her collections.

Being based in London we are not on the front line of the devastating effects of Climate change, so sometimes we forget these things are going on, however wearing something –which encompasses s a message of the weather changes and the effects of climate change aims to keep responsibility and respect at the forefront of our minds.



From 2017 any new collection will always feature a special ‘Eco Warrior’ item, 20% of these profits will be  donated to a selected climate change or sustainably driven charity. The Eco Warrior range can be found on the online shop.

Charities include

Charities and not for profit organisations (NGOS) working to stop climate change include Greenpeace, Friends of the EarthWWF, and the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

These charities are trying to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on our planet, and the devastating effect it is having on delicate ecosystems and animal life. Others include Earth Justice, Rainforest Alliance and Ocean conservancy.

Humanitarian charities like Oxfam and ActionAid are also tackling climate change to try and help millions of the world’s poorest people who are already being affected by drought, flooding and changing weather patterns.