A collection celebrating women and mothers had to include the beautiful glowing moon.

Orbiting our world, moving bodies of water, and impacting human and animal behaviors.

A glowing comforting light. So mystical and powerful.

I thought about this piece as I sat up one night feeding my son when he was very little. I was very tired and still adjusting to my new role. In my sleepy haze I gazed between the curtain out to the night sky, I saw the biggest full moon I think I have ever seen. A disk of glowing warmth and comfort.

I felt a smile beam on my face and I wondered how many other women are up right now seeing this same sight. Looking at that moon made me feel connected to so many other people around the world, also looking at the moon.

Whether you resonate with this story or have your own story to the moon we hope you love our jewellery interpretation; allowing you to carry your very own golden slice of the magical planet.

Once you have ordered, we'll make your jewellery.

The total production and delivery time will be 4-6 weeks.

Jewellery Features

  • Pendant available as 100% Recycled Silver or Recycled 9ct Gold
  • Both pendant styles hang on a 'galactic-style' silver chain
  • Pendant is hand engraved
  • 18mm Diameter
  • 18 inch chain

Sustainability And Environmental Impact

  • Made in the UK and hand-finished in our Frome studio
  • We use natural alternatives to traditional jewellers chemicals
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging


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