Sustainable Methods and Ethical Practice

Founded in 2016, Emma Aitchison Jewellery has established itself as an honest jewellery brand by committing to sustainable production methods and ethical practice in the workplace.

Where sustainable methods aren’t currently used, the Emma Aitchison team is trying hard to find alternatives. We make every effort to run a business that has minimal impact on the environment.

Materials & Supply Chain

Emma Aitchison Jewellery prides itself on its responsible material sourcing.

The metals and chains we use are 100% recycled. We rarely use gemstones, but if we do we only use gems already in circulation. We never use newly mined stones.

The scrolls on our earring backs are not currently made using recycled materials, but we are working towards changing this.

People & Practice

We operate a friendly, safe and respectful studio environment with fair wages and no discrimination.

We work with UK suppliers that we trust in, suppliers that can provide us with certification and evidence on their ethics, values and standards.

Including responsible employment practices, policies on gender, diversity, equal pay, safe-working environments and fair wages which are free of harassment and discrimination.

Packaging & Fulfilment

Emma Aitchison Jewellery only uses items which can be easily recycled or home composted. We work with UK based suppliers to reduce shipping emissions and we aim to keep our wrapping to a minimum, providing luxury and care without producing too many throw away items.

All our postal and branded boxes are made in Cornwall from recycled card with a cork insert, no acid dyes are used. Our tape is paper and made with natural gum.

Our latest innovation is a regenerative mycelium jewellery box that leaves no trace at the end of its life. The box can even be broken down and buried in soil where it will rapidly decompose and return to its natural state as a magical biological filter.

We deliver worldwide with DHL GoGreen, a climate neutral shipping service.


By working towards a circular economy, we aim to create zero waste. We melt down and reuse scrap metals, we recycle as much as possible and we do not buy materials which cannot be reused, recycled or biodegrade. We currently make jewellery from our scraps.

If we are sent any plastic packaging or single use items, we return it to the suppliers to be reused or request future orders to be sent in paper. If this is not possible, we try to reuse these items over and over again at the Emma Aitchison studio.

Jewellery Longevity

We are a slow fashion brand. Our jewellery in handmade in the UK, and designed to last for generations.

We provide green eco tips to encourage and educate you on how to keep your jewellery looking its best for years to come.

We supply an organic cotton, UK made care bag to store your jewellery in when traveling as well as a microfibre cloth to keep it clean on the go.


Our studio electricity is from a green energy provider

The majority of our suppliers use renewable energy or are transferring to 100% renewables by spring 2021.

Giving Back

5% of all sales from Emma Aitchison jewellery go towards our chosen charity, Survival International. Survival International works with tribal peoples from around the globe, and helps them campaign, lobby and protest for their land rights.


We are continually identifying new areas where we can be more sustainable and kinder to our planet. Here’s the goals we’re currently working towards:

Switching to a carbon neutral or greener shipping methods. We currently use Royal Mail which has some brilliant values but we want to go that one step further and reduce our emission even more.

Bring more skills in house and build a eco studio to work from. 

Move towards using packaging that can give back to the Earth.

Moving away from using gold plate in Emma Aitchison jewellery, using more brass and recycled solid gold instead.


We understand our vision will not be achieved single-handedly.

If we want to safeguard the environment for the future we need to work collectively, harbouring a network to spread awareness and demand, which is why we share educational and inspiring resources and tips on our website and on Instagram (@emmaaitchisonjewellery).