Here at Emma Aitchison Jewellery we believe that jewellery should not be a contributing factor in harming the planet or humans. We are proud to present ourselves as a planet conscious sustainable jewellery brand, we hope this will inspire others to get on board and join us on this exciting movement.

Emma’s Jewellery is made from a place of conscious, from production methods, packaging and sourcing of materials. Respecting the planet and its people from start to finish. Nothing is ever jeopardised, quality, longevity and style still remain in Emma’s work along with a clear conscious.

In an effort to encourage environmental and social responsibility, in 2017 Emma became a member of the No Dirty Gold (NDG) campaign- an international initiative, ensuring that gold mining operations respect human rights and the environment.Emma is also a certified member of the Fairtrade foundation- allowing her to use Fairtrade gold and silver all marked with the Fairtrade stamp.



  • Collections are all hand made by the designer, almost all of the making process is

 completed domestically in house and done so as sustainably as possible.


  • Always striving to create a more sustainable and responsiblebrand. Keeping up to date with new research, and implementing them where possible within the brand.

  • Emphasis and promotion of hand-made craftsmanship and shopping locally



Metals and Materials

  • Almost all silver and gold used are recycled or sourced as Fairtrade.
  • We only use ethically sourced conflict free gemstones or lab created gemstones.


  • As it stands it is currently very difficult to source Fairtrade or recycled chains, findings, platers and brass. For now these pieces are not
    sourced form a sustainable source.



  • Emma will be sure to introduce these pieces and principles into her work as soon as they become available.




  • Business cards, post cards and care cards are all made from recycled material they are FSC certified and produced using wind-power.


  • Tissue paper is acid free and 100% recycled.


  • Jewellery boxes are made with 100% recycled materials, sourced from sustainable forests with a cotton lining.


  • Envelopes used are made from 100% recycled materials


  • Emma tries to promote reusing and recycling her packaging by stamping each box with a custom-made stamp reminding consumers to reuse or recycle the packaging.

The Goal

  • Eventually Emma’s goal is to proudly say the entirety of her work is sustainably sourced. We are always striving to find new resources and adapt our working methods. .We are also working to find a responsible eco friendly postal service.


  • We aim to inspire others to do include sustainable and responsible products in their home and work life.


  • Increase awareness and therefore increase the demand for ethically sourced and recycled materials.