Alternative Wedding Rings for the Eco Conscious

Alternative Wedding Rings for the Eco Conscious

5 unique and alternative wedding rings to say ‘I do’ in on the big day! Ethically handmade in Somerset, England. 

Are you seeking a gorgeous handmade wedding ring?

Perhaps you envisage an ethical gold wedding band or one made with recycled silver?

Are you struggling to find sustainable wedding bands that are made with genuine thought and care for Mother Nature?

Read on, as we hope to provide a wide array of ring style solutions for your special day...

sustainable gold wedding rings

History of wedding bands

Traditions of wedding rings date back to almost 6,000 years to ancient Egyptians. An exchange of rings as a sign of commitment worn on the finger that is the meridian line linked to the heart. From woven hemp, bronze, and gold there has been many styles of traditional wedding rings, some of which have become a little unimaginative and no longer fulfilling the more modern bride and groom.

We have put together a list of our top alternative wedding rings including what to look for and consider when selecting your perfect ring.

Top considerations for choosing your alternative wedding rings

With so many options on the market, it can be a daunting task to get started choosing your wedding rings. We absolutely love to help clients find something that is just right for them, it’s a total pleasure!

We have complied a list that we often reference to guide our clients into creating or finding their dream wedding ring. We hope this also helps you to discover your perfect rings!

Wedding ring style

So we know you want an alternative wedding ring, and perhaps a handmade wedding ring.  There are endless options so let's make it easier by narrowing down your search choices.

Consider your individual style, do you identify as boho, modern, minimal, artistic? What words come to mind when you consider your style?
Do you wear other jewellery? Consider if you would like to stack your alternative wedding ring with pieces you already have, and what will work well together.
Bold is fab but don’t underestimate the power of subtle edits to a traditional ring. Alternative doesn’t have to be wild! Broaden your search and design, edit and refine.

TIP: Be sure to select something you will like to wear everyday we suggest something fabulous but timeless too.

Jewellery and Lifestyle

A ring you will wear for a lifetime should be one that suits your lifestyle. Think about your day to day tasks and hobbies, you really don’t want your ring to get in the way!

Do you do a lot of physical activity or work with your hands with manual work?
Do you work somewhere that requires high levels of hygiene which means you cant wear a ring everyday? Perhaps two rings could be work well for you- one simple everyday and one more elaborate for social occasions.

TIP: if you are quite physical and work with your hands a lot we suggest a low profile wedding ring reducing the risk of it getting caught on things. 

Types of Jewellery finishes

Consider the finish of the wedding ring, would you prefer polished, textured, or even engraved? Perhaps you would prefer the feeling of a satin finish? 

We offer handmade wedding rings, each one made bespoke for you. This makes it easy to customise and personalise your wedding ring to suit your style.


Consider your budget early on as this will help you narrow down your options and stay on track. Remember your wedding ring is forever, so if you are investing in your wedding, invest in the one item that will stick with you for years to come.

Ethical credentials

The one item you wear for a lifetime should be ethical. From Fairtrade, antique, or recycled rings there are many options to consider. We pride ourselves on our ethical credentials, we can offer you handmade wedding rings with low impact to Mother Earth.

  • 100% recycled metal wedding bands
  • Handmade in England
  • Transparency from start to finish
  • Small independent brand
  • Bespoke to you, our rings are made to order
  • Sustainable and biodegradable packaging
  • Carbon neutral shipping

Handmade wedding rings

A great way to find a unique alternative wedding rings is to choose a custom handmade ring. Handmade wedding rings offer endless options. From personalisation, size and finish, if you work with a jewellery designer like us we can guarantee you an alternative wedding band that is truly yours and only yours.

Metal choices for wedding rings

This is an exciting option, a easy way to create an alternative wedding ring, by selecting a less traditional wedding ring metal. Metal trends are often on cycle so it’s important to chose a metal that really does sing to your own style. White gold and rose gold rings are often chosen as they are thought of as contemporary metals, but there is something so stunning about classic glowing gold and gleaming silver! 

Choosing the right metal is a simple and affordable way to instantly transform the feeling of the ring, updating a more traditional style or demonstrating your personality.

The best way to find a alternative wedding ring with a unusual material is to choose a handmade wedding ring, this way the maker can make exactly what you are after.

Popular metal options:

  • Silver
  • Yellow gold 9, 14, 18ct gold
  • White gold 9, 14, 18ct

Or how about a mix of gold and silver tones? 

Selecting a design that utilises the colours and qualities of both gold and silver.

Additional options for your alternative wedding ring

Working with found objects

Do you have a found natural object you’d like to include? Incorporating wood, ceramic, shells or sea glass can work wonderfully well!


Using metal you already have and making a new ring with it can be a sentimental way to include history in a contemporary design.


We have found many more clients are choosing one ring that encompasses the engagement and wedding ring as one. The use of smaller stones in a single ring to marry the too can be very effective. 

Mining for new stones such as black diamonds for a traditional diamond ring is incredibly environmentally destructive and harmful for the communities and people involved. We recommend either up-cycling a stone from an old ring or seeking out an ethical stone approach with companies such as Ocean Diamonds or Sky Diamonds. 

TIP: If you are choosing to have an engagement ring and a separate wedding ring, we recommend having these in the same metal or at least the same carat. Higher carat golds are very soft and will wear away quicker if it's worn next to a harder metal such as silver. 

Our top 5 alternative wedding rings

We offer a wide variety of unusual wedding rings in all manner of shapes and sizes. All of them have been expertly considered and designed in house in our small Frome studio.
alternative gold wedding ring UK


Flow is a fluid and organic handmade wedding ring. Because of the molten wax production process it will always unique to you and not one of these rings is ever the same. Created with ethical gold in three carat options or recycled silver.
Flow is a low profile and streamline ring making it perfect for active people.

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Alternative wedding ring


A organic form of a more traditional wedding ring, featuring a moulded texture, the subtle change of this otherwise more traditional ring really does bring an alternative and unusual presence.

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unusual wedding band


A larger more robust wedding ring which we can customise this ring to be bigger or smaller to your preference. Hand-carved using the ancient technique of lost wax carving, cast in ethical recycled gold or recycled silver.

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ethical gold wedding band


The perfect ring if your looking for something to remind you of nature! Featuring a fairly low profile and beautiful sculptural organic texture reminiscent of woods, oak and forests. The perfect jewellery for outdoor lovers.

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sustainable wedding band


This ring is for the bold! A chunky and wide wedding ring, it is fluid in form yet holds a sense of softness. This is a fab option if you are going combine the wedding and engagement rings and wear one band. 

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We hope this has been a helpful resource for you, if you would like to find out more about wedding rings or custom wedding rings that we offer please get in touch here.

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