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What We Do

Our custom service allows you to create and adorn yourself with a piece of jewellery rooted in meaning and sentiment.

From upcycling old jewellery, remodelling heirloom pieces, adding engraving or crafting something entirely new, we can help you create a deeply meaningful piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime.

This is a complete service – from the initial consultation and idea, to the end result, we are with you every step of the way to bring your ideas to life.

We take on a variety of custom projects, specialising in upcycling, heirloom re-designs and creating brand new designs. From crystallising a special moment in time, to representing an adventure you have been on – the journey plays a big part in what we do.

Every custom project is made and designed with Emma who has over 10 years of experience working in the industry. Her wide knowledge of materials, processes, and design styles creates a relaxed, well-informed and professional environment for you to explore the creative process.

We believe custom projects are a truly special and unique blend of both of our ideas as we work together. We take on only a limited number of custom projects each month to ensure the quality and standard of each piece made is exceptional.    

Where To Start

Make an appointment with us – either via phone, online or in person in our Frome studio. Emma will then have a chat with you about your custom idea.

Whether you are looking for a custom signet ring, or personalised pendant – we are open to hear all you have in mind! It is always a good idea to have reference images of what you are looking to create. We recommend browsing our collection for inspiration so we can fully understand the essence and style you are after.

Once design and concept has been decided, Emma will email you a quote. Due to the sculptural freeform nature of this work we do not offer detailed drawings. We can provide reference images of the style and basic sketches as required.

We only offer bespoke services for precious metals (silver and gold) and require all metal that you would like to reuse to have a hallmark.
Signet Ring

Upcycled Signet Ring

Taking a client's grandfather's signet ring and reworking it to make a modern piece with a custom family crest

Custom Pendant

Custom Pendant

Creating a pendant from upcylced gold with custom engravings to represent family members

Jane Doe

Personalised Ring

Combining the shape and form of our Surrender Ring with our Wild Woman symbol engraved

Emma's Process

Emma uses her hands at the workbench to guide her as she plays and manipulates materials to create the perfect form. It is a hands-on and organic way of finding new ways to craft jewellery – a method intrinsic to Emma and one which sets her work apart from the crowd.  

We ask you to trust in our expertise for the bespoke service and let Emma create in the way she always has done – made with care and a deep respect for the earth beneath our feet.

Custom Engagement Rings

Time and Pricing

Most projects usually take around 6-8 weeks depending on the design. This includes sourcing stones and metals if necessary, design time, consultations and any final adjustments.

Pricing will depend on the scope of the project and work involved. We recommend browsing
our current collections to familiarise yourself with our pricing, however as a rough guideline
not many of our bespoke projects start under £400.

Once the design is finalised we take a 50% deposit before starting the production of your piece.

New to 2023 – Engagement Rings

We are excited to now offer a custom engagement ring service using recycled gold and sustainable diamonds from our ethical source – Ocean Diamonds. 

We will also be launching a collection of our own engagement rings in the near future. Each ring will be entirely unique and a beautiful way to pay homage to a special moment in your journey as a couple. Each ring will be made to order, so no two will be the same. 

For more information on how we source ethical materials, please see our Environment page here.

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