Remove your jewellery before engaging in practical activities, this will ensure that your jewellery does not get accidentally damaged. This is especially important with solid gold items due to the softer quality of the metals, as well as gold plated items as the plating could be scratched off.

Body lotions, perfumes, cleaning products and chlorine can cause your jewellery to tarnish and discolour. Please try to put your jewellery on last, after applying any cosmetics, scents, and sprays. This is especially important for gold plated jewellery.

Storing Your Jewellery

When storing your jewellery, we recommend doing so in the box you were provided, or an air-tight container. Exposure to the environment can cause silver and brass jewellery to tarnish over time. Storing it sensibly will keep it looking newer for longer and avoid marking and scratching your jewellery.

Naturally over time scratches will occur, this is all part of the jewellery and the wearer’s journey together creating a truly individual piece. Should you wish to remove any deep scratches and marks we recommend having a professional polish. To reduce shipping we suggest contacting your local jewellers, alternatively email us :   

Jewellery Cleaning

We suggest using natural cleaning products to brighten up your jewellery and give it a shine.

Recycled Silver

Recycled silver is very tough and long lasting. If worn all the time it remains fairly polished. However, over time it can tarnish and wear.

We recommend regularly polishing your item with a microfibre cloth. If it starts to patina, we recommend dipping your silver in a lemon juice and olive oil solution, then wiping clean under warm water with natural soap.

18k Gold Plated Silver

All gold-plated items should be stored in a non-humid environment. If you live in a hot environment, we recommend storing your jewellery inside an air-tight box or bag. Gold plating is ephemeral and will wear over time. We advise you to not wear your gold-plated items next to other jewellery, especially rings as the rubbing and friction between the two metals will wear the gold plating off.

To clean use a soft cloth and warm water, never use any hard chemicals or rough fabrics or brushes on your gold-plated jewellery. Should your gold plating wear thin, don’t panic! We encourage you to continue loving this item and get it re-plated. Please get in touch if you require a re-plate - shipping and labour will be charged.

Recycled Gold

Recycled gold is everlasting and should not tarnish. As it is one of the softer metals it can take on scratches and bumps more easily than silver.

To keep your gold jewellery looking polished and fresh we recommend occasionally polishing it with a microfibre cloth or some warm water and natural soap. Only use a soft cloth to clean with.


Brass is very tough and long lasting. It does naturally tarnish and needs a little more care. Please be aware when worn close to the skin (rings) it will stain the skin, this does come off when washing.

We recommend regularly polishing your jewellery with a microfibre cloth. If it starts to patina, we recommend making a paste from lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda, use a soft toothbrush or cloth and wash the jewellery, repeat until clean, rinse with water and dry thoroughly.

Alternately you can scrub your brass gently with wire wool to bring back that golden shine.