Our Materials

We are by no means perfect, no brand can be, but we try to the best of our ability at this stage of business to provide what we believe to be the most responsible method of creating beautiful jewellery.The materials we use and where we source them from is a crucial part of what we do. Here is a little more information about where we get some of our materials from and the various causes they support.


    Recycled metal is a wonderful choice if you believe we already have enough metal in circulation (which we do!) and want to support the natural world.

    This type of metal usually comes from the tech industry, antiques, old jewellery and surgical equipment. 

    It is a cheaper and more ‘ethical' choice to fairmined or fairtarde metal, and by far much better than using new metal, however the hands it has passed through and the knowledge exchanged along the way is not regulated like fairtrade or fairmined. 


    Fairmined metal is heavily vetted and comes with full traceability and a certificate of origin. The cost is more expensive than recycled metal, as you have to pay a premium to be a registered Fairmined member, as well as a premium per gram of metal. 

    However, this source of metal protects the mining industry and peoples lives who depend on it, so we think the cost involved is entirely worth it! We are hoping to become Fairmined registered in 2024 as this will allow us to use metal that is responsibly sourced.


    Brass can be recycled many times over without diminishing the composition so it means that the recycling process can continue time and again. The cost of producing brass from the raw materials is also much higher than recycling, so often people will be paid to offer any base metals (copper and zinc) that can be made into brass.

    Not only is brass incredibly durable and rust-resistant, its lovely yellow tone also makes it a wonderful alternative to gold, without the same price tag. Brass does tarnish, but with a bit of care, it can continue to look golden and like new for years to come.


Just as with metals, it is so important to know where your gemstones come from in order to make the most informed decision. Here are two examples of how choosing a precious stone does not have to genuinely cost the earth.

Ocean Diamonds

A relatively new stone on the scene is Ocean Diamonds which are 100% traceable and conflict free gemstones taken from the seabed.

Starting their journey billions of years ago, these diamonds have slowly been carried along the path of rivers until they eventually become hidden within the ocean floor.

Ocean Diamonds are a company that employs professional divers in South Africa to retrieve these diamonds which contribute to positive change in their area of origin, supporting the local diving and diamond production industries in South Africa.