Nature-Inspired, Nature Conscious

Frome based Emma Aitchison is the home of thoughtful, responsible and eco-conscious jewellery.

Sustainability and style are at the core of our jewellery studio.

Meet Emma

British born and based designer and maker Emma is never happier than when she is making, tinkering and creating, using her practical thinking to produce unique and bespoke designs.

Growing up in the countryside in South West England, Emma developed a firm attachment to nature. After studying jewellery design at university and spending many years working in the industry in London, Emma decided to turn her passion for design and protecting the natural world into a business. Emma has now returned to her roots, settling in Frome.

Emma Aitchison Jewellery was launched single-handily without any investment in 2016. Since then, the business has grown organically to be part of a community with one uniting value; that consumerism doesn’t have to cost the earth.


Emma’s passion for nature and life in all forms is the key source of inspiration for her designs. Using the weather as a starting point, Emma aims to unearth the beauty of varying weather forms to celebrate the fleeting moments weather can create, as well as highlighting the imbalance a slight change in weather patterns can have on our planet. Emma hopes her jewellery acts as a reminder of the beauty and joy nature brings and in turn the ever-pressing need to protect and care for it for future generations.

The Vision

Our mission is to be part of the change that lacks within the jewellery and fashion trade, to shape a kind and balanced industry. We want to educate and inspire consumers and other brands that this is a maintainable and viable option.

Our aim is to execute this to the best of our ability, leading this change by demonstrating that high quality items, made respectfully to both people and planet is attainable to all. We believe if we pursue our passions and work hard, the word will spread and others will follow suit.

Every decision we make is made with purpose, streamlining it to the best of our ability to achieve our vision.