Statement jewellery for an alternative bride

(Photo courtesy of The Stars Inside)

Love always wins.

With the big C-word making planning increasingly tricky, many couples are choosing to postpone their special day. For some, waiting to tie the knot is just not an option.

Many of you are choosing to downscale big plans for low-key and pandemic-friendly weddings. Micro-affairs with a special, close-knit bunch of your nearest and dearest (and likely a few on Zoom!).

Whether you’re prepping for your small and special day or planning for the future, we have chosen our top five statement pieces for an alternative bride.

Streaming Windows Earrings

The perfect eye-catching piece. Bold and exuberant, catching light as you move. Despite their size, they are light in weight, so you’ll be able to enjoy their splendor all day.

Available in both 100% recycled silver and 100% recycled brass. 

Nimbus Choker

This choker is sure to add some drama to your gown.  Four chunky solid-silver pieces link together to form a ring that lays beautifully around the neck.

Rainfall Bracelet

Add a little wonder with your jewellery. This bracelet is an ode to charm bracelets and is a wonderful modern heirloom, a perfect fit to be part of a wedding celebration. 

Available in both 100% recycled silver and 100% recycled brass.

Pool Earring

The Pool is a gorgeous, light statement earring. Symbolically combining two larger silver pieces with a golden centre bead, these earrings are meaningful yet uncomplicated. 

(Photo courtesy of The Stars Inside)

Droplet Necklace

Our Droplet necklace features a pretty ‘bobble’ chain and a weighty ‘drop of rain’ for the pendant. Come rain or shine, this piece is something to be treasured.

Available in 100% recycled gold or silver.

We would love to be a part of your special day.

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Model photography courtesy of The Stars Inside

Photographer: Jade Osborne

Location: Hawkstone Hall, Shropshire

Bridalwear: @halfpennylondon and @alenaleenabridal from @thewhitecloset

Make-up Artist: @sarahdunnmua
Hairstylist: @abitaylorbride

Headpieces: @awongolding

Model: @genevieve__florence