Frome Jewellery Shops: Exploring the Town's Top Artisan Jewellers

Only a stone's throw away from London by train, Frome is home to a treasure trove of exceptional craftsmanship and talented jewellery makers. Whether you're searching for a unique piece of handmade jewellery to adorn yourself or just having a wander around town, Frome jewellery shops offer something for everyone.

We'll be introducing you to our top jewellery shops and artists in Frome, celebrating their craftsmanship and highlighting what makes each of them truly exceptional and worth a visit next time you're in town.

Jewellers in Frome

Our top Frome Jewellery Shops

We are lucky enough to have so many amazing jewellery shops on our doorstep, however here are some of our favourites in the area. 

Christina Oswin Jewellery

Situated on Cheap Street which is known for its medieval leat trickling down the middle, Christina Oswin Jewellery creates classic pieces of jewellery which incorporate delicate shapes and textures inspired by flora and fauna. With meticulous attention to detail and a touch of whimsy, Christina is known for her simple yet eye-catching pieces all made from recycled metals in her workshop which you can visit to see exactly how the jewellery making process happens for yourself.

Christina offers jewellery making classes for those who are looking to try their hand at the craft themselves or looking for a thoughtful gift for someone else who is. It's a lovely way to get to know the way metal behaves and the many ways you can personalise something to make it entirely your own.

Frome Jewellery

Roderick Vere

Known for his elegant and contemporary designs, Roderick Vere's work blends modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship. His background in photography and sculpture strongly influences his use of materials and techniques – resulting in pieces that are completely unique. Roderick offers group workshops, as well as private sessions and workshops for couples looking to design and make their wedding rings themselves. A beautiful way to add something sentimental to an already memorable occasion.

Roderick also offers a service which allows you to rework an existing piece of jewellery into something completely new – supporting a regenerative style of jewellery making and solidifying his presence in the creative community as a forward-thinker.

Frome Jewellery

Daniel Musselwhite

With over 25 years of experience and starting his craft at the age of 16, Daniel Musselwhite is a true example of excellent craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from both the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the traditions of Eastern culture, he has a playful approach to classic forms. His studio is in the centre of town in the historical Black Swan Arts centre and is a lovely space to pop into as it is home to many other local artists exhibiting their work.

After appearing on All That Glitters on BBC 2, Daniel Musselwhite is well known for his ability to reimagine and repurpose materials into new forms of art. Rings, bangles and necklaces come in all shapes and sizes and encourage you to reimagine classic pieces in a new and exciting way. He also offers bespoke services to those of you looking to create something a little less ordinary.

Frome Jewellery Shops

Sarah Straussberg

We mentioned Sarah in our Guide to Finding an Ethical Diamond Ring but she definitely deserves an honourable mention alongside these other local makers!

Sarah Straussberg has a background in sculpture, and this is something that is clearly reflected in her work. She uses geometry to create expressive forms and modern, minimalist pieces which are beautifully simple in form. Every piece is handcrafted to create elegant and wearable jewellery for the everyday and the gemstones she uses are carefully sourced from the ocean, accentuating her care and attention to detail, as well as to the environment.

Sarah epitomises a more modern form of artisan jewellery making in relation to the traditional practices used by others around Frome and the surrounding area. We love her use of expression and refined way of communicating form as she reimagines classic keepsake pieces into modern heirlooms.

Sarah Straussberg


My Own Craft

Our Frome jewellery shops are a reflection of the town's history and the passion of its artisans. Having grown up in the area, Frome has given me the opportunity to grow and develop my own craft with the support of other local makers – guiding me down a path where community is at the heart. We are a collective of craftspeople and artisans who all work hard to make beautiful pieces of jewellery and this is something I am incredibly proud of!

My own collection is thoughtful, responsible and eco-conscious. It is made with a deep consideration for the ground beneath our feet, and draws inspiration from the the school of thought that consumerism doesn’t have to cost the earth. I offer services which give you the opportunity to reimagine an old piece of heirloom jewellery into something entirely unique and I deeply value the role I play in helping creating something new that will be passed on for years to come.

Emma Aitchison Jewellery
Whether you are a local, or just passing through, Frome jewellery shops are some of the best in the country. Our town celebrates this ancient craft and welcomes anyone who would like to know more about the people who keep it alive.