Introducing: The Rain Collection

Splish, splash spolsh! The new Rain Collection is here!

This collection has been designed to explore and celebrate the earth’s rain cycles and their essential role in the wellbeing of our planet.

Droughts, flooding, and shrinking glaciers all have a ripple effect through the changing environment. These pieces are inspired by the nourishment and value of rain and its vital place in our ecosystems.

Rain is a sprawling collection of statement pieces, one of a kind shapes, puddles, raindrops, splashes, cloud bursts, and some pieces inspired by soft and cosy days spent sheltering from the rain.

Below we have featured some highlights from the 20-piece collection. We hope you love exploring it.

Reflection Earrings

Adornment to make you feel good, let them. 

The Reflection Earrings are a statement piece, they sway and move with you, catching and mirroring light. 

These earrings are inspired by the reflective shapes left on roads after heavy rain, puddles that leave shimmering sections, and shrinking water pools.

(also pictured, Nimbus Bangle)

Rainfall Bracelet

A sister piece to the Rainstorm Necklace, this is a true modern heirloom bracelet full of charm and wonder. The piece features raindrop inspired links and miniature puddles. 

The Rainfall Bracelet is a piece to treasure, a contemporary take on the classic charm bracelet. We love styling this piece with the Nimbostratus Bangle, or wear it simply on its own.

We hope this jewellery will remind you to notice all of the subtle differences in the rain and puddles and how we are all, both people and planet, intrinsically connected.

Streaming Windows Earrings

What Rain Collection would be complete without mentioning cosy days spent sheltering from the wet outdoors?

Glimpsing the storm through wet windows. Droplets forming, growing, and merging as they tumble down a cool glass pane. 

Our Streaming Windows Earrings are the perfect bold statement piece. They are powerful and eye-catching, without being too heavy. Let them dance in the light as you move! They would also make the perfect outfit adornment for an alternative bride. 

These are Emma’s favourite earrings to dress up in!

Soaked RingSoaked is a statement ring that floods over your fingers, drenching them in silver or brass.

This ring is a bold choice and looks wonderful worn on the middle finger. Its elongated shape and natural ripples flatter the hand. When worn, we encourage you to enjoy the feeling of having your finger soaked in jewels.

(also pictured, Nimbostratus Bangle)

We want all of our pieces to stand the test of time and stay with you forever to limit their impact on the earth. All of our pieces are handmade from 100% recycled metal in the UK.

We’d love to see you wearing the Rain Collection out in the wild. Share your customer photos with us on social @emmaaitchisonjewellery

Photography: Lauren Maccabee
Model: Kya Buller
Hair and Makeup: Paula J Maxwell