Journey – Behind the Collection

A reflective collection that considers the future of the land beneath our feet.

With the release of our latest collection, Journey, I wanted to talk a little bit about how the collection came to be and the inspiration which started it all. It's something I love to delve a little deeper into as I always think it's nice to get a glimpse into the thought-process behind the final product, as well as what's to come.

This collection is an invitation to slow down and think about the theme of Journeys. Those which have led us to where we are now, and ones yet to be travelled.

Journey Collection in Nature

The Inspiration Behind the Collection

The main source of inspiration for this collection was looking at the natural world around me – the curved profile of the surrounding hillsides and the contours of valleys below. I researched a range of subjects including soil, land use, earthquakes, tectonic plates, landslides, maps and human use of land.

All of these themes come woven together in the tangible and visual form of jewellery and objects. 

Styles and New Pieces

Our classic fluid and molten style has a strong role to play in this collection. Its flowing and unpredictable form echoing soft slumping land and cascading lava. We contrast these loose shapes with rigid metalwork reminiscent of contour lines and pathways to create a sense of connection and story. 

Within the collection there are three signet rings inspired by earthquakes, tectonic plates and changing landscapes. I chose to call upon the style of the familiar signet ring, a style we all know well which lends itself as a space to tell a deeper story, and reimagine it in a new way.

By using a familiar jewellery shape we are enabled to visually see the impact to the land. We assume we know what the piece should look like, but it now has a distorted form. In these rings we have echoed shifts in tectonic plates, landslides and earthquakes to create a bold and striking ring with a twist of interest and message to proclaim. 

In tandem with the jewellery pieces we are thrilled to showcase a new direction of work – Objects. Within the Journey Collection you will also find combs, hair pins, candle holders and spoons. These items are one of a kind and limited so you’ll need to be quick if one takes your eye.

Natural sustainable Journey collection

Limited Pieces – Coming Soon

I am also very excited to let you know that a limited line will soon follow this collection incorporating, for the first time, vintage stones and found objects.

Each piece will be entirely one of a kind and will not be replicated so you will be wearing the only one of its kind in existence. Each piece will serve as a gentle reminder that we already have so many beautiful materials to use at hand, as well as capturing the beauty of the natural world in a new way.

This limited line will not only be an extension of our Journey Collection, it will also serve as a way for me to broaden my design and material sets, and introduce an element of colour into the existing range.