New Collection: Wild Woman

I started this collection in December 2021 and, somewhat frustratingly, this is how long it has taken for me to complete it!

Life is a constant juggle of motherhood, owning a business, and life, making this collection even more poignant for me to create and for others in similar situations to relate to.

The Wild Woman Collection certainly holds a more graphic style rather than my usual sculptural approach. This graphic style is forged with my identifiable style for bold and weighty jewellery.




Designs for this collection were imagined late through the night and at early dawn with my baby in arm. The ideas and feelings for this collection flooded in, and I knew I had to channel this energy into tangible pieces for all women and mothers. I had this huge desire to celebrate the extraordinary capacity and endurance of women through these pieces. To create jewellery to connect and resonate with.


I am so thrilled to finally see the collection completed, later than expected but better late than never.

I am proud of what I have created and what it represents. I have pushed my technical skills, utilising hand etching and fusing mixed metals to present jewellery with depth and meaning.

I have edited and refined the design shapes, the contrast of forms, weights, material choices, and etchings until I felt they truly represented the meaning of this collection.

Each piece originates from a poignant moment or feeling that we hope all women can relate to. We want to promote finding comfort and feel united in those glorious and tough times. Please read the product descriptions to find out the inspiration and story of each piece.

I have carefully designed the pieces to be for all women. Despite this collection being primarily inspired by my own motherhood, the themes translate beyond this one facet of womanhood. 

 These pieces are to help when times are hard, to celebrate each other, and to bring comfort. We hope you find jewellery within this collection that will be your new favourite treasure.

We hope you feel celebrated in our Wild Woman collection,

All my Love, 


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