Introducing: Limited Collections

From now on our new jewellery collections will be taking on an exciting new rhythm. 

We’re keen to march to the beat of our own drum over here and our intuition has been telling us to make some changes to the way we launch collections. 

Historically, Emma would design and create large new collections ahead of launch. Although mindful to not overproduce jewellery, it has sometimes been difficult to forecast how many items to make of each style! 

Time and experience have both been great tools in this challenge, but Emma thought there was something more she could do. 

Our chosen solution is to offer new jewellery collections as presale only. 

This means that with each collection launch we will have a presale period where you can place your order. This period will be a month-long. 

Then, after that, the desired amount of jewellery will be made to order and delivered. Depending on the metal chosen this will likely take 2-4 weeks. 

We feel this process gives a gentle nod of acknowledgement to a slower mode of consumption and contributes to the fight against fast fashion. 

Not only this but by only creating the amount of jewellery actually ordered we can be sure to minimise waste and conserve vital energy resources. 

Alongside being preorder, new collections will also be limited, meaning there will be a limited amount of pieces available per style, sold on a first come first serve basis.

This limited element allows us to constantly creatively evolve, and enables you, our customers to covet very exclusive jewellery pieces. 

We’re very excited to soon share with you our new Limited Collection, Unearthed, which will be our first collection sold as a presale.

We hope you like our new approach, and if you have any comments or questions you’re always welcome to email