Our new Earth-kind shipping service

We’re constantly seeking out new ways to continue to lighten our impact on Earth. Lifting each stone on our path to critically investigate each move we make as a business. 

We recently noticed that there was a climate-beneficial switch we could make with one of our core business needs, shipping. 

We now solely offer Climate Neutral Shipping. From now, all orders worldwide wll be shipped via DHL GoGreen. This service works with climate protection projects to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from shipment transportation and directs funding to initiatives rooted in climate solutions. 

So what is climate neutrality?

‘Climate neutral’ is often used interchangeably with ‘carbon neutral’, but this is incorrect as there are important differences! Carbon neutral, which refers to having a net-zero carbon footprint, is about reaching a balance between the emission of carbon into the atmosphere, and the removal of the climate pollutant through carbon sinks or other offsets. In many instances, being carbon neutral will limit contributions to climate change. Becoming carbon neutral doesn’t encompass all greenhouse gases – though it does include carbon dioxide, which makes up about 80 percent of the planet’s greenhouse gases.

Climate neutral refers to the emission and mitigation of all seven greenhouse gases – not just carbon - which means we operate a net-zero footprint for all greenhouse gases on all of our shipping. 

The supported projects

One of the projects supported is in Lesotho, a country in Southern Africa. Households there have been equipped with efficient Save80 stoves that save up to 80% on firewood. This not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, people are no longer exposed to harmful smoke when cooking, deforestation and the soil erosion it causes are also reduced - and people can use the time they otherwise spend collecting firewood more profitably.

Another project funded via GoGreen offsetting is a wind farm on the island of Aruba in the Carribean Sea. Aruba is mainly dependent on diesel and other fossil fuels. This has two major disadvantages: firstly, they have to be imported from abroad and secondly, they cause significant amounts of carbon emissions. Up to 15% of Aruba’s energy supply is now generated by the wind farm. The project saves around 152,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, which would otherwise be emitted if power were generated from fossil fuels and it also reinforces the independent energy supply in Aruba.

We’ve covered it

This service is more costly than regular shipping services but it is fundamental to our brand principles to act in harmony with nature - after all, without nature the inspiration for our elemental jewellery wouldn’t exist! 

Don’t worry, we have subsidised this service so that you, our customers will not be asked to pay more than a standard shipping rate.


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