Our new mycelium packaging

I’m always on the lookout for ways to innovate in Earth-positive ways within the brand.

Our latest exploration has been into our packaging, and we’re really excited to show you our latest creation!

I have always tried to keep our packaging simple, straightforward and unfussy aiming to strike a balance between providing something for you to keep your jewellery safe in without going into packaging excess.

My simple recycled card boxes have been a staple since the start, either hand stamped, or later foiled with our logo. Most recently these boxes were hand built by a supplier in Cornwall.

Historically, I’ve also sought out ways to break free of what’s normal and expected of jewellery packaging. For instance, our first boxes contained a soft form insert, which acts as a cushion for the jewellery and is commonplace within the industry. Unfortunately this ‘expected’ packaging has nowhere to go but landfill at the end of its life, and so I knew I needed to switch this up in my business! After considering many materials, I decided that cork would make an ideal substitute. Cork is a naturally regenerative and circular material. The bark is harvested carefully from the tree without doing damage, after which the tree naturally replenishes itself. The cork lining provided a soft and buoyant bed for jewellery to be packaged on, and being completely natural, easily biodegrades at the end of use.

Most recently, I’ve been inspired to forge a way to reduce our use of card, and to scratch the itch of innovation again...

Over the past few months we’ve been working on an entirely bio-based jewellery box, which grows into its form and then can return to the soil without harm, and whats more, can actually add nutrients back into the earth.

We’ve worked with a UK based company who specialise in growing this resourceful and natural and non harmful solution to fossil fuel reliant polystyrene.

Our completely bio-based mycelium box is a gorgeous example of regenerative packaging which provides protection for your jewellery without the pollution.

There are two key ingredients used to create the box: mycelium and dry agricultural waste. Mycelium is a fine network of wonderful fungal roots that look rather thread-like. They are vital in ecosystems for their role in decomposing organic matter. In fact, they are powerful biological filters removing chemicals and microorganisms from soil and water.

The mycelium is blended with waste produced from local hemp, corn and timber production, a dry mix of fibres which are still visible on the finished box.


The two are mixed, and grown in moulds for seven days..et voila..the box is made.

What’s more, the box can simply be crumbled and buried in soil returning to ground to continue its magical life giving work! Unlike other so-called ‘compostable packaging’ options, this box truly is, and doesn’t require extreme heat or chemicals to break down.

We’ve designed a simple recycled card band that wraps around the box to secure your jewellery inside, and has all the information you need including some natural cleaning tips and a space for a gift note on its reverse. By designing this band we’ve eliminated the additional multiple paper based materials we have previously sent with an order.

Each box will include a small pouch that acts as a way to safely store your jewellery, or to even take it on adventures. This pouch is designed to last alongside your jewellery for a lifetime of wear. To further ensure this long life, we will also continue to include a polishing cloth for silver and gold jewellery and wire wool for brass pieces to give you the tools to keep your items gleaming and bright for years to come.

All jewellery orders will now be sent housed in this delightful example of regenerative packaging, and we hope you love it as much as we do!

(We will continue to use our recycled card boxes until we run out, at which point we will switch solely to our new mycelium box. We wouldn’t want to waste what we already have!)