Our sale

Our sale

2020 was a year of strange and unfamiliar ground, to say the least! Throwing so much into question can feel so disarming and uncertain, and constantly walking through the unknown.

For us, it’s pushed us to reflect on ‘us’ as a brand, and ‘we’ as a collective society. What future are we building together? I would be lying if I said this has been an easy task! Laying things bare, looking at the cogs that keep this brand ticking along, examining, adjusting, learning, re-evaluating. Undoing assumptions, and rebuilding from there. This process has led to some key decisions.

The main shift we’ll be implementing is ending our gold plated collections. This is a nerve-wracking decision for me – our gold plated items are really popular and account for a large part of our sales. We hope with a bit of explaining however, you’ll understand why we’ve made this choice. In a nutshell, gold plating is simply not a sustainable option for a number of reasons. It uses harmful chemicals in production, items do not last as long, and whilst recycling items is possible, it is an energy exhaustive process.

As a result, we’ll be phasing out our gold plating by February 2021, offering alternatives in solid recycled gold and brass. All of these options will come with cleaning and care tips, to make them last, as well as information on why we’ve chosen to use these materials.

In order to make this change efficiently, we’ll be continuing to sell our gold plated products as sale items until 31st January with a discount of 20%.

There will be a grace period for stockists who already sell our gold plated items, who will still be able to reorder in gold plate beyond this date but only until the following season. So don’t be surprised if you see our gold plate items in shops.

All new collections from January 2021 will only offer items in solid recycled brass, silver, and gold.

Our next journal entry will go into more detail about why gold plate is no longer something that sits well with us as a brand, and why brass is such a fabulous material. If you have any further resources or questions on this topic, we’d love to hear from you so we can learn and grow together.

Thanks for sticking with us on our journey – your support is invaluable and we’re so lucky to have such an active and responsive community. You keep us moving and changing for the better.


All our love,

Emma and team

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