Our Partnership With Survival International

Indigenous peoples account for most of the world's cultural diversity.

Throughout the world, there are approximately 370 million indigenous peoples occupying 20% of the earth's territory

The rights to lands, territories, and resources are at the heart of indigenous peoples' struggles around the world. 

Many face conflict with extractive industries such as metal and precious stone mining. 

10 years ago the Dongria Kondh tribe inspired millions when they won a ‘David and Goliath’ battle against mining giant Vedanta Resources. The tribe vowed to save their Niyamgiri Hills and their self-sufficient way of life (photo from Survival International).

We Don't Believe That Jewellery Should Damage The Earth Or Cause Conflict For Its Inhabitants. ⁠

This is why we use 100% recycled metals and never use newly mined stones. ⁠

Survival International are a human rights non-profit organisation that are working towards a vision of a world where indigenous peoples are respected as contemporary societies and their human rights protected. 

Find out more: survivalinternational.org

5% Of All Online Sales Are Donated To Survival International

In a bid to restore and protect the land from the damage that has been done by the jewellery mining and extractive industries we donate 5% of all our online sales directly to Survival International. By shopping with us you are directly helping to protect cultures, tribes, land and the natural environment.