Sustainable Jewellery for Mother's Day Gifts

Shop our range of sustainable gifts for Mother’s Day including the Mama necklace, Wild Woman ring and our bestselling moon necklace, Lunar.
For March, alongside a selection of her classic styles, Emma has focussed on creating styles great for Mother's Day gifts. 
Wait…when is Mother’s Day?
Mother's Day (UK) Sunday 19th March
Mother’s Day (US) Sunday 14th May
I designed the Wild Woman jewellery collection shortly after becoming a mother myself. It's a collection of recycled jewellery that celebrates strength and how womanhood intrinsically connects with nature.
I know that for some Mother's Day can be a trigger, and I'm so sorry if this is the case for you. My love and thoughts are with you.
For this reason, I encourage us to celebrate whoever, whatever, and wherever makes you feel comforted and safe.
A place, a person or object that makes you feel grounded and content is one to acknowledge and celebrate. 
Perhaps you wish to celebrate Mother Earth for housing us all. 
Maybe you with to thank your close friend for always lending a helping hand.
Or it could be a special chair that simply feels like home. 
With the pace of our lives being often in whirlwind we sometimes forget the skill of presence. So although it would be nice to celebrate these places, people and objects everyday - the reality is we often forget to share our love. 
See this as a gentle reminder to show what we feel and give thanks to those who make us feel comforted and safe. 
Here’s to celebrating comfort and safety! These tender conditions that allow us to feel love!