Introducing our winter collaboration with TOAST

The fluidity of seasons has somehow slipped into Wintertime. 

Mornings are filled with eerie fogs that cling to hedgerows. The peaceful low sun glows gently through ever-emptying branches. Cold air nips tentatively upon our ears and lips. 

An instinctual slowing-down and layering-up commences.

At the same time as this seasonal transformation, we have launched a new seven-piece collection with UK brand TOAST. 

We have been in long-term admiration of TOAST’s approach to conscious business.

Their brand speaks of depth and tender consideration at every turn.

Fabrics and natural fibres are sourced with a discerning eye for quality,

authentic bonds are fostered with suppliers and community initiatives carve a platform for artisans and independent craftspeople. 

Our new jewellery collection curates harmoniously with the ethos of TOAST.

Not only in terms of style but also in our shared business attitude of operating sustainably and gently with nature. 

Their chosen hues speak of a deep admiration for Earth, blended with wearable textures that appeal to our desire to settle down and get cosy.

Combine these with our new matte-finish jewellery which gives a gentle nod to early winter frost.

The pieces have an innate tactility, perfect for thoughtfully pondering with over a warm morning tea.

There are seven designs to choose from, including two brand new designs; one of which is the Ripple Chain.

The Ripple Chain includes three hanging pendants inspired by a little slice of the ocean and the shapes that we see.

As with many of our pieces, it is moulded, cast, and finished by hand.

One of our long-time customer favourites is also part of the collection.

For the TOAST collection, the Swell ring has been refreshed with a matte-metal finish. 

Every item is presented in a 100% recycled card box, with regenerative cork insert.

Ready to discover the collection? Shop here.