Zero Waste Collection

Seeking a one of a kind gift? 

Fancy the thrill of owning something truly bespoke? 

Want to aid our efforts of being a zero-waste business? 

Introducing our Zero Waste Collection!

Emma has designed a mini-collection of completely unique pieces of jewellery utilising the gold and silver offcuts from the studio. 

With the value of metal priced meticulously to the gram it is not a new thing for jewellers to collect any and all scrap metals and dust from the workbench. 

In our studio we have jars to collect all of our metal offcuts from the production process. We also have a ‘sweep’ bin which we use for metal dust collected from the extraction filters and from the cloths used to wipe dusty surfaces. When both are full we usually send this to a refinery to burn out the metal so it can be used once again so nothing is wasted. But not this year...

This year we have decided to reuse the metal we’ve saved ourselves, instead of sending it to the refinery. We’re repurposing the metal into luxury jewellery pieces and offering these to you in our Zero Waste Collection!

We’ve accumulated enough scrap metal to create a mini-collection of unique pieces, and if you follow us on Instagram you might have seen some of their creation journeys. 

Of course working with limited materials provoked quite the creative challenge, but we do hope you love the concept and the pieces Emma has created. 

These pieces are one-of-a-kind and will available to buy very soon! Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram @emmaaitchisonjewellery for more information!