When becoming a first-time mum myself, I experienced a huge rollercoaster of emotions.

Being a curious human, I reached out to other mums to see how they felt. One particularly resonated with me when she spoke of how we are supposed to instantly feel like someone’s mum but we don’t always feel this way. Overnight your identity has this huge shift and for some, like me and my friend, this can be tricky.

For this reason, I wanted to create a necklace that gave a reminder of your new identity, a piece to wear with pride.

This piece has been designed to be ever-so-subtle, to allow you to choose if you want people to know what it says or not, in your own time.

A simple square pendant engraved with ‘MAMA’, featuring a textured back and a high polish front in a primal style.

The wearer can choose if they want the engraving turned inwards to face your heart and for your eyes only, or outwards to tell the world.


Jewellery Features

  • Pendant available as Recycled Silver or Brass
  • W18mm H25
  • 20 inch chain

Production and Delivery Time

  • Silver and Brass items will be shipped within two days of ordering
  • Gold items are made to order please allow 2-4 weeks
  • Rings and bangles are individually sized for you, please allow 2 weeks
  • We restock our shop monthly with limited quantities, if something is out of stock, don’t miss out - sign up for a restock email notification

Sustainability And Environmental Impact

  • Made in the UK and hand-finished in our Frome studio
  • We use natural alternatives to traditional jewellers chemicals
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging


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