Wedding rings: Six new designs

Wedding rings: Six new designs

Wedding rings grounded with details of nature

We’re so excited to share our expanded range of six new wedding rings with you. 

This wider range is an extension of our existing Wedding Collection and each ring is available in three beautiful and rich carats of gold or solid silver. 

As with all of our jewellery, the metals used are 100% recycled, therefore providing a kinder, Earth-friendly solution.

These new rings have drawn inspiration from natural elements to inform their form. 

They are all stylistically organic and free-flowing, and the styles come in a range of widths to suit differing tastes. You’ll also notice a sense of Emma’s ‘makers touch’ within some of the designs, an important nod to the craftsmanship of independent design. 

Of course, you need not only wear these rings as wedding jewellery! The styles are easy to wear as an everyday piece too, perhaps as a special treat to yourself.


A wide statement band, with a fluid and alluring soft surface. 

We love the way a hard metal can be manipulated to look soft and fluid.

This wide ring has been designed to be both the engagement and wedding band in one bold piece.

Maker's Touch

Jewellery can become so much more special when you know its origin - this ring goes one step further and shows the maker's mark.

Using a soft wax Emma models a band allowing the imprints of her hands to be gently left on the ring. 


A little ode to the forests!

Inspired by the multitude of textures found in the woods, we aimed to replicate the gorgeous textures of bark and moss into metal. 

An easy-to-wear band, with a simple flat shape and squared off top and edges, perfect to sit alongside other rings.


Inspired by the twisting, curling shapes of twigs and branches.

This wiggly ring is charmingly organic and a nod to the unfurling shapes in nature.


A smooth satin-finished ring inspired by billowing clouds.

The dome form takes centre stage, with a playful softness that is easy to wear alongside other rings or statement enough to wear solo.


A chunky and weighty ring with flattened sides and rounded edges.

We've added interest to this classic shape by creating an effect of layers peeling away.

An organic fluid molten shape featuring fine layers at the edges to hint at the many layers and chapters life has.


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